We are serious about your privacy, we value it, and we want you to keep it intact. This single principle guides us in handling affairs that might breach your privacy. You can have confidence in this.

We treat your privacy as if you were a member of our own family. As a matter of fact, you probably are a member of our family. But even if you're not, that's how we'll treat your privacy issues.

We can't say much

We conclude that we can relate, in this web place, very little about your activities, possessions, sayings, thoughts, feelings, hopes and fears. If we feel WE wouldn't like YOU to say THAT about US, then we won't say it about you.

So, anything we would keep silent on in front of another person, we will not mention in this web place. We will not reveal personal information about you, like your address, phone number, e-mail address or date of next parole hearing.

If you are or you later become a client of WordShine, we will not reveal to anybody what we've discovered about your business or personal affairs in the course of our work for you. But we could mention that you're our customer, because we're proud of that fact, and we would answer the lawful inquiries of the police or another government agency authorised to inquire into your affairs.

We may retain personal details about you, such as your name and address, which we use to communicate with you (and only for that). If you wish, and you instruct us to in writing, we will destroy even those small contact records of yours that we have kept, and thus sever our connection with you.

You are not for sale

We will not sell or even give away any details we know about you, even with your permission. Wild horses will not drag them from us!

You became known to us in one of these ways:

These are common events, and they form the basis of many relationships. We like our relationship with you and we don't want to jeopardise it � we want to develop it.

Why are we saying this?

We think the law might require us to have a privacy policy. More importantly, we know you would like some assurances from us about your privacy. That is why we've expressed our thoughts on the subject. We hope they leave us alone now. And we hope the voices stop!

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