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If English is not your first language, let me edit your papers and essays. I will remove all the little errors and imperfections and correct the grammar. I can interpret what you're trying to say and I know how to say exactly what you mean.

Foreign students often find it hard to express themselves in English. This means that your tutors cannot understand what you are trying to say and cannot award high marks. For even if you know the subject very well, it is essential to express that understanding in order to get good marks. If you cannot do that, your education will suffer and you won't get the job you deserve.

Sound like a native English speaker and get the marks you deserve!

I often find myself admiring foreign students, for they come to a strange land, learn a new language and undertake advanced studies in that language. It must be very difficult. They sometimes apologise to me for the poor standard of their English; I always tell them that their English is much better than my Mandarin (or German or Hindi, as the case may be).

Higher marks

We aim at better understanding: the better your tutor understands what you mean to say, the better he or she can determine whether you know the subject. If he cannot understand what you're saying, how can he judge what you know?

Students should be aware that an editor can reward them handsomely, when they get the good marks they've worked so hard for.

Special offer

Have a look at our fees and, if you're a student, see our once-only 20% REDUCTION offer! Ring or email me now for a free quote.

Today�s public figures can no longer write their own speeches or books, and there is some evidence that they can�t read them either.

�Gore Vidal (1925� )


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