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Our clients

These are some of the clients I've served since 1986. The assignments have varied from a few hours of editing to a few days of training sessions or editing a web site to six months or longer developing software manuals.

I've kept some good company � leaders in New Zealand commerce.

Here are my most significant clients, most recent first, very roughly.

Major clients

Progressive Enterprises Ltd (Foodtown/Woolworths)

They send out regular direct marketing emails which I have been editing.

Tool Magazine

I edit this growing quarterly and write articles for them on global warming. Have a look at their web site if you're keen on tools.

Optimal Usability Ltd

One of the few "usability" consultancies in New Zealand at

Trade To Save Ltd

Runs the trading site

David Jenkins & Associates Ltd I edit the notes for courses he gives around the country, his web site and other material.

I once wanted to become an atheist, but I gave up - they have no holidays.

-Henny Youngman, comedian, actor (1906-1998)

Bespoke Books

(a division of WordShine) Ann and I design, write and publish books for children illustrated with their photographs. You can see our web site, but the service is suspended for now.

Grasshopper Ltd

They developed a radical piece of software for digital images. Called Image Align, it cleverly compensates for the distortions caused by curved lenses.

Right Hemisphere

I produced various pieces of documentation for the world-leading developers of graphics and graphics management software

Nigel Hooper

I edited translations into English for an Asian country's Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Kiwiplan NZ Ltd Produces corrugator plant software sold around the world. I researched and wrote international software manuals and internal documentation, conducted writing workshops in Cincinnati with their technical experts and provided writing services to their software engineers.

Air NZ

Engineering Base, Auckland. I edited software user guides and trained their technical writers to use Corel Ventura Publisher.

Strategic Insight

Provided desktop publishing services.

Clear Communications

Designed, researched and wrote a software user guide intended for their clients.

Fletcher Wood Panels

Wrote an office procedures manual.

Goodman Fielder Watties

Wrote an accounting software manual.

Southern Cross Medical Care Society

Wrote a software guide.

Wrightson NMA

Wrote a style guide and a procedures guide for their writers.

Stephen�s Pharmaceuticals (became Zeulig Pharmaceuticals)

Wrote an accounting software manual.

NZI Life

Wrote internal documentation and an important user guide for their life insurance agents.


Innumerable smaller editing, writing, brochure and graphic design projects. One of particular interest was editing a scientific paper in English written by a Russian physicist working in Italy.

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